The COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE is designed as an at-home all-in-one OBD flashing, diagnostic and datalogging/monitoring software that the end user can use to program their vehicle through the on-board diagnostic port (OBD) with calibration(s) of their choosing as well as monitor and log the vehicles overall behavior.




System Requirements

  • Windows based PC / Laptop / Tablet



Procedure & Installation

  1. Upon receiving your COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE, you will notice a white label printing on the box (see below).

    1. This label instructs you to email from your registered email address (the email address used to place the order). In the subject of the email, you are to put “I RECEIVED MY COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE”. This is done to auto-direct the email to the correct department. In the body of the email you are to include your:

      1. Order Number

      2. Vehicle Year

      3. Vehicle Make

      4. Vehicle Model

      5. Vehicle Identification Number (vin)

    2. You will then be emailed back instructions and all software links needed to get you up-and-running!

  2. This must be done in order for our staff to ensure the correct information is going to the correct user and vehicle. Without following the above instructions our staff will not be able to assist you.

  3. In the body of the email, you will be provide installation links for the COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE and the DRIVER INSTALLATION PACKAGE. Both must be installed in order to properly communicate between the COMPORT PRO and your vehicle.




  • Make sure you have followed the “Procedure & Installation” first before moving forward.

  • The COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE is designed to work off of our server so your vehicle and software so that all the newest information is accessible. This will require you to have the following things in place before launching the vehicle. Depending on which style COMPORT PRO CABLE you were supplied with, you either have 1 cable with connected OBD dongle or 1 USB cable and 1 OBD dongle. The following must happen before launching the software:

    • Plug the supplied USB cable into your PC

    • Plug the supplied USB cable into the OBD DONGLE

    • Plug the supplied OBD DONGLE into your OBD port

    • Turn your vehicle key / button into accessory mode. Depending on your vehicle, will require either 1 click on the ignition button or 2 clicks on the ignition button. Please be sure NOT to touch the brake pedal as this will start the engine.

    • You will know if you did this correctly as your dash will be fully illuminated and your check engine light will be illuminated as well.

  • After following the installation procedure, the installation software will create an icon on your desktop to access the COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE. Click on the icon to launch the software. Please make sure you have a solid WiFi Connection. Select and double click on the COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE icon to launch the software, you will be prompt by windows asking if you want to proceed, select “YES


  • Once the software launches, you may be prompt that updates are available. This is due to our engineers hard at work installing new features, making changes, etc… To ensure you are up-to-date with the latest software, you will be immediately prompt after launching. Please click “UPDATE” to install the update.

  • After auto-updating, the software will automatically re-load. When this happens, you will be back to the log-in screen (see picture below). This screen requires you to use the registered email address you have on account when you purchased the software upgrade.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you have a solid WiFi connection (you can use your cell phone hotspot which is recommended), and that the supplied cable is plugged into your PC and the other end into the OBD port of your vehicle as well as your vehicle’s ignition on. Then you can proceed to log in.

  • Once the you have followed all of the steps above and entered in your credentials, you can click on the log-in button which will then bring you to the main COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE screen



  • First thing to do is to gather up your vehicle identification. To do this click on “GET CURRENT FIRMWARE” This will identify all of the software module(s) in the vehicle and their information. Once collected you can then choose to either select a tune in the drop down box.

  • PLEASE NOTE: It is good practice after clicking on “GET CURRENT FIRMWARE” to then select “CHECK TROUBLE CODESbefore flashing a tune into your vehicle. This will allow you to see if your vehicle has any underlying issues that you are unaware of and can address before tuning.

  • Once you click on “GET CURRENT FIRMWARE” you will immediately notice that the tune(s) you purchased have loaded into the drop box for you to select.

  • PLEASE NOTE: This list will vary depending on vehicle, brand and what you have purchased. IF this drop down box is blank or your tune(s) have not loaded, no need to worry. Email and we will help you.

  • Once you select the tune of your choice, ensure that your vehicle’s ignition switch (button or key) is on the second click and the vehicle is NOT running. You can then select “FLASH NEW FIRMWARE”. You will be prompt through flashing and notified when completed.

  • When flashing is completed. Turn your vehicle’s ignition to the OFF position. Wait 10 seconds and then you can start your vehicle! Programming is now complete and you can enjoy your car!