AMR Performance was built over 25yrs ago on the fundamentals to, simply put, outperform. Outperform in reliability, quality, driving experience and overall performance. With these targets in mind, we set out to bring the market the most in-depth, unique and feature rich calibration(s) that result in not only record setting performance but reliability as well as enhance everyday driving experience. Equipped with our COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE, end users can choose, based on their driving conditions, octane and power demand, the calibration that best suites their needs.

When it comes to aftermarket software innovation and engineering, AMR Performance is the leading authority on tuning the factory engine control unit (ecu) and powertrain module(s).


  • OBD Flashing: This was the very first feature we sought to engineer as a majority of the European & Exotic vehicles had lacked this option for a long time. AMR Performance is the only company that offers a true cloud based at-home flashing system which allows the end-user to changes calibrations and update new additional features from the comfort of their own home, office or even race track. No need to purchase additional hardware as everything is included in the price of the COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE.

    • Recovery-Mode: The COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE comes standard with what we call “RECOVERY-MODE” / “ECU RECOVERY” that is used when a flash has failed from the below reasons. Though this is a very uncommon, we designed it so in the event of this occurrence, your vehicle can be back up and running in minutes. The most common failures are due to:

      • vehicle low battery

      • laptop or pc low battery

      • un-plugging the COMPORT PRO CABLE during flashing process

      • turning off vehicle power during flashing process

      • breaking the connection during the flashing process

      • walking away from the vehicle with the key in their pocket

  • Live Monitoring & Datalogging: This was one of the very first features we developed. Data is always important. Unlike standard UDS loggers available on the market limited to “generic readings”. The COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE is developed ECU and vehicle specific. Our high speed data logger and live monitor system pulling information directly from the channels the factory developed. This gives the benefit of reading all information passed and calculated by the ECU which gives us abilities over competitors using limited aftermarket 3rd party tooling. Our software is developed to read, write, diagnose faster and more efficiently than even factory diagnostic tooling. Allowing end-users and shops the ability to troubleshoot or gather data for specific situations.

  • Remote Custom Tuning: Though, after numerous hours of development, our off-the-shelf calibrations have been proven time-and-time again. The combination of the COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE’s ability to OBD Flash and advanced monitoring / datalogging system allows us to give clients a more tailored approach. The end-user can gather real world data for their specific vehicle in their own environment and send it to one of our engineers who can analyze the vehicle’s data acquisition. The engineer can then make the appropriate changes to suite the end users custom needs and with our cloud based system, have it available immediately on the users account. The combination allows a huge leg up on competition as we are not limited to geographic location, octane or even conditions which only increases overall vehicle, end user and engineering potential.

  • Free OFF-THE-SHELF Update(s): The additional bonus of our COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE is the free updates to our cloud database. As the factory makes changes and our engineers continue to develop, our off-the-shelf maps are labeled with a version number (i.e. v1.01). When gathering your vehicles information when you are connecting to our database, you will be notified of the last tune flashed in your vehicle as well as be shown in the drop-box if a different revision or version is available. Keeping your software up-to-date at no additional charge.

  • Read & Clear Trouble Code(s): This feature is very important. As ECU’s get more complex as years go on so does diagnostic services. Majority of the UDS equipment on the market use generic code reading algorithms that only grab the top layer of error / trouble codes available and when it comes to 2020+ vehicles, the reequipment can not even read this information as it is coded differently. Another benefit of the COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE is the advanced diagnostic coding we developed to give the shop or end user in-depth diagnostic information to ensure the vehicle has nothing underlying or problematic trouble codes active.


  • Windows 8.1, 10 & 11; (Windows ARM not supported).

  • COMPORT PRO TUNING SUITE is not currently available for Mac OS at this time.